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Posted on: Sunday, 24th February 2013

Hello to all Prosperity Chiropractic patients and friends,

Just writing to ask if you have a spare 5 minutes if you could do a couple of things for me.

Hopefully we can let others know how Prosperity Chiropractic has been able to help you with your pain or condition.

Please follow this link and add a review, it will help others to find Prosperity Chiropractic and let them know what it is all about!

Like us on Facebook: Click the link below or visit our website and follow the link from there.

Please recommend Prosperity Chiropractic to your contacts. If they mention your name when booking we can give them 50% off their initial consultation.

Hopefully I will be seeing you all in the coming weeks.

Remember – it is not just back pain we deal with at Prosperity but a whole host of different conditions from postural dysfunction, neck pain, shoulder pain/frozen shoulder, sports injuries – soft tissue strains and sprains, over use injuries, weak core stability, knee problems, headaches, whiplash injuries to name a few — if you have any pain we can help.

If you haven’t been in for a while – maybe this is a good time to book your MOT!!


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