Maddie Brannigan

I am 74 years of age and have conditions that were severely affecting my mobility.  I used a walking stick to support me as I was weakened by very stiff joints and muscles. McTimoney Chiropractic treatment with Gemma Graham has helped my whole body, released tension in all my muscles which in turn has helped my joints and improve my mobility. I no longer use my walking stick. The gentle exercises Gemma gave me have also increased my core strength. I am enjoying my life and activities, sleep well now and have seriously reduced my pain medication. Gemma’s professional caring personality also encourages personal growth and determination.

Pete Notton

I’ve been seeing Prosperity Chiropractic now for over 4 years for all my lower back problems. Gemma offers an excellent service and many other different treatments. As well as treating my back, Gemma also introduced me to Acupuncture which cured an on going Elbow problem. I have also tried sports strapping which was excellent. All in all Her treatment has been able to keep me training and performing at a very high sporting level. AAA+

Jan Dekker

Gemma approach is very professional coupled with a caring and friendly manner. I went to see her as I had been having searing pain in my neck/head which would regularly wake me up in the middle of the night. After a few sessions the improvement in my neck was incredible – I now sleep through the night! Many thanks, Gemma.

Sean Richardson

I would thoroughly recommend Gemma to anybody suffering with any injury. She is extremely knowledgeable and combines her excellent treatment with informative explanations of her diagnosis, displaying a caring and professional approach in a relaxed and friendly environment. Recently I could not even walk without pain and discomfort from a back injury and following a couple of sessions of treatment I was able to resume training. If you have an injury Gemma will sort it for you.

Herb Cameron

I came to Gemma suffering from various pains from a serious of injuries I sustained over the years from playing contact sport and high impact activities whilst serving in the Army. After the initial consultation and a few treatments I was amazed at how effective her treatments were in getting me back on my feet and being active again without the pain. So good that I now swear by her treatments and regularly get a 6 weekly treatment to keep me in good running order – excuse the pun! I like the fact that I can turn up and explain to Gemma what areas could do with work or where I may have pain and she will treat me accordingly and with results. Keep up the excellent work Gemma.

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