Jan Dekker

Gemma approach is very professional coupled with a caring and friendly manner. I went to see her as I had been having searing pain in my neck/head which would regularly wake me up in the middle of the night. After a few sessions the improvement in my neck was incredible – I now sleep through the night! Many thanks, Gemma.

Sean Richardson

I would thoroughly recommend Gemma to anybody suffering with any injury. She is extremely knowledgeable and combines her excellent treatment with informative explanations of her diagnosis, displaying a caring and professional approach in a relaxed and friendly environment. Recently I could not even walk without pain and discomfort from a back injury and following a couple of sessions of treatment I was able to resume training. If you have an injury Gemma will sort it for you.

Herb Cameron

I came to Gemma suffering from various pains from a serious of injuries I sustained over the years from playing contact sport and high impact activities whilst serving in the Army. After the initial consultation and a few treatments I was amazed at how effective her treatments were in getting me back on my feet and being active again without the pain. So good that I now swear by her treatments and regularly get a 6 weekly treatment to keep me in good running order – excuse the pun! I like the fact that I can turn up and explain to Gemma what areas could do with work or where I may have pain and she will treat me accordingly and with results. Keep up the excellent work Gemma.

Evan Dawson

“I’m delighted to recommend Gemma. In just a few sessions, she has made a big difference to the way my back moves, which in turn has made a huge difference to my energy levels and the way I feel about life! Thank you.”

Kate Tierney

“I originally sought Gemma’s help because I’d over trained on the tarmac in the run up to the Bristol 1/2 and my lower lumbar spine wasn’t happy. Disc compression, plus related hip, knee and neck problems were also having a very detrimental effect on my regular yoga practice. In all, I was feeling every second of my 44.5 years!

Within a few sessions Gemma has realigned my pelvis, opened out my hips and shifted my lower spine for the better. My yoga practice has improved considerably after just four treatments. I can now do poses I’ve been trying to do for the past four years in full expression. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and already have done to several of my friends. She’s bloomin’ brilliant!”

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