Emmaline Pell

Posted on: Wednesday, 2nd October 2013

I suffered with a ‘bad back’ for years and previously tried regular massage treatments, which proved too painful at the time.  It was actually through having my horse treated that I discovered McTimoney and felt that it was something I could try as the treatment is so light and gentle.  Gemma was recommended to me and I’m so glad I got in touch as after my first McTimoney treatment I felt so much better both physically and mentally as it was such a relief not to be in constant discomfort.  I have found Gemma to be very professional and thorough over the four years she’s been treating me and I really wouldn’t consider using anyone else.
I’m a McTimoney Practitioner for horses and dogs and refer my clients who I feel can benefit from a treatment from Gemma.  I have to say all of them have benefitted from it and have highly rated Gemma.  This has now dramatically helped them when it comes to physical activities such as horse riding and dog walking.  I believe they now see Gemma on a regular basis to keep everything in check, which makes my life easier when it comes to treating horses who now have symmetrical riders.

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