Adam Greenwood

“I have used Gemma to help solve a recurring back problem. I can not speak highly enough of her chiropractic skills. Within 5 minutes of being in her room, she had identified all my major pains and aches, including some I had forgotten! It is always a pleasure to go and see her and my back is infinitely better as a result. Thanks for all your help Gemma!” May 10, 2012

Emma Spillane

“Gemma did an excellent job of identifying the cause of my back pain within our first session and set to work on quickly sorting it over a short run of sessions through gentle, but very effective McTimoney chiropractic techniques.Gemma gives a good balance of on-the-spot treatment and advice around physiotherapy exercises/follow-up work to do at home.” April 28, 2012

George Caveney

“Gemma is my introduction to chiropractic services, and I’ve been highly impressed by her knowledge, expertise and bedside manner. I feel relaxed, in capable hands and confident she can remedy the problems I have – and give me a personalised strategy for avoiding them in future. I highly recommend her to anyone – I get the impression she’s one of the best at what she does.” April 25, 2012

Herb Cameron

Gemma has totally improved my lifestyle and now a regular client of hers as she gets my back ailments sorted in an effective and relaxed manner.” March 15, 2012

Jacqueline Walkden

“Gemma has managed to sort my back and neck out on more than one occassion. Having been to other chiropractors I’m in a position to compare her work and can safely say that she is one of the best I’ve been treated by.” March 9, 2012

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