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Welcome to Prosperity Chiropractic.

Providing Chiropractic and sports massage in Bristol and North Somerset.  With a focus on improving function, and reducing pain, from your 1st session,  by working on muscles, joints and nerves all at the same time.  


"It can be a little daunting visiting a Chiropractor for the first time. You don’t need to worry however, Gemma has a wonderful knack of putting you at ease. After a chat about my pains and a careful assessment, she explained and drew a clear diagram of my problem area and described how she intended to treat the problem. Over the course of a few weeks Gemma’s treatment has returned my range of movement, from when I first saw her I could hardly move, now I’m close to being able to run again. I’m continuing to use the remedial exercises that she has advised me that will improve the problem and prevent a reoccurrence. Gemma’s skill, knowledge, and friendly yet professional approach are to be commended" C Porter.

McTimoney Chiropactic. Diversified Chiropractic.

Sports Injuries

Old or new injuries? A combination of chiropractic adjustments, sports massage, medical acupuncture, and taping are all options for your treatment session.

Sore neck or shoulders?

Sitting still at a desk can take its toll on the body. We are not designed to stay still for long periods of time.  A treatment session to manage your pain, followed by some exercises may be all you need to feel better. 

Intermittent back pain

Working with the body to increase the mobility of joints and alleviate any nerve irritation, can be achieved using chiropractic adjustments. There are lots of different types of chiropractic adjustments, you could choose McTimoney chiropractic, known for its gentle whole body technique, or diversified chiropractic, known for the audible clicks and pops. Both very effective, its personal preference, but both are an option during your treatment session.